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GPA to replace existing streetlights with efficient led streetlights starting in the southern villages

  • GPA is upgrading streetlights to efficient LED to save GPA ratepayers about $1.4 million a year.
  • Some 6,000 of the island’s 16,000 streetlights have already been changed to LED.
  • Work on streetlights in Agat, Santa Rita, Umatac, Malesso, Inarajan, Talofofo and Yona is in progress now.
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Watts New

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Date: July 18, 2018
Time: 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Location: Gloria B. Nelson Public Service Building, Board Conference Room, 3rd Floor Fadian, Mangilao
The Guam Power Authority solicits stakeholder input regarding the Net Metering (NEM) Program. GPA has prepared policy recommendations for review and action by the Consolidated Commission on Utilities. The final NEM policy will then be forwarded to the Public Utilities Commission for action. Your feedback is crucial in this process.
Ratepayers may view the draft policy prior to the meeting here>
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New Power Plant Project

  • The new 180-megawatt power plant is crucial for Guam’s sustainable energy requirements.
  • The $400 million investment will be located in Dededo.
  • Replaces the two power Cabras plants left inoperable by the explosion and fire of August 2015.
  • Allows for retirement of Cabras 1 and Cabras 2 plants.
  • Allows integration of existing solar photovoltaic sources of renewable energy and an additional 130 megawatts from planned solar photovoltaic farms.
  • Complies with federal environmental standards.

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Keep Your Own Energy Costs Down At Home.

Buying a New Appliance?
Before you shop, take a look Energy Sense for the latest rebate offerings from local appliance dealers.

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How does GPA restore power to your home after a storm?

Learn about GPA’s order of priorities in recovering power to our island after tropical storms and typhoons. What repairs are the customer’s responsibility? And what to do to keep you and your family safe from electrocution.

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Education and Safety for Teachers And Kids

Electricity is something we all use every day. The more we know about it, the more “powerful” we’ll be.

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Want To Know How Much Power Your Household Is Using?

Monitor your actual power consumption on line with ME My Energy. (link to page) (artwork is the three little characters)

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