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The Public Utlities Commission (PUC) approved GPA's Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) in December 2008.  A primary strategic goal in the IRP is fuel diversification.  The IRP identifies several ways to introduce fuel diversification including Renewable Energy Resources.

The PUC has ordered the Authority to proceed with the IRP recommendation to acquire Renewable Resources.  Thus, GPA initiated its solicitation to acquire renewable energy resource in April 2008 by announcing the first of two phases to solicit proposals for renewable energy resources.  Acceptable renewable technologies in these solicitations include those technologies that meet the renewable resources definition by Energy Information Administration (EIA), a branch of the U.S. Department of Energy.

The following summarize the progress on GPA renewable energy acquisition. In addition links to related downloads and other sites are provided.

Phase 1
- updated 9/09/2014
Quantum Guam Power ("QGP") and Pacific Green Resources ("PGR") were awarded contracts for renewable energy, totaling 35MW in capacity.  The contracts were awarded based on proposals received for the GPA -027-11 Multi-Step Bid issued in 2011.  This was a second solicitation attempt after Multi-Step Bid (Bid No. GPA-038-09) was cancelled on November 30, 2009 due Public Law 30-66, enacted on November 27, 2009. 

Bid No. GPA-027-11 closed on June 1, 2011.  GPA evaluated and recommended contract award to the Consolidated Commission on Utilities and the Guam Public Utilities Commission.  Upon approval GPA initiated a system impact study which was completed in May 2012.  Contract signing for Quantum Guam Power for 20MW Solar Renewable Power Purchase Agreement was on June 27, 2012.  Contract signing for Pacific Green Resources for 15 MW total of Wind/Solar Renewable Power Purchase Agreements was on March 14, 2013. 

Since then Quantum Guam Power has acquired, through assignment, the 5.65MW Solar PPA from Pacific Green Resources. In addition, NRG Energy acquired Quantum Guam Power and the 25.65 MW total of PPAs on July 11, 2013.  Commercial operation for the initial 20 MW PPA is anticipated late September 2014 as extended.  The 5.65 MW PPA commercial operation date is March 2015.

PGR Wind PPA commercial operation date is slated for March 2016.

Phase 2 – Solicitation - updated 9/09/2014

GPA announced Phase II solicitation on July 1, 2014.  The Multi-Step No. GPA-059-14 package is available for download on the GPA Procurement webpage:

In this Phase II acquisition, GPA intends to acquire a total of 40 MW of renewable capacity that can meet the following established  requirements:

  • The Bidder’s resource technology meets the definition of “renewable resource” as described in bid document.
  • The renewable resource will be available for commercial operation within 60 months from the award of the contract.
  • The technology proposed for the renewable resource will have at least 1 year of commercial operations history in a utility environment.
  • The renewable resource will deliver energy directly to the existing GPA transmission system.
  • The renewable resource will provide energy for a minimum contract term of 10 years and a maximum contract term of 30 years.
  • The Bidder’s renewable resource project will have a total minimum nameplate capacity of 5 MW and a maximum nameplate capacity of 20MW; this may be the combination of several generation units at one site.

GPA intends to reserve the option to buy-out the capital portion of the contract and pursue alternative financing structures.  GPA seeks bids and proposals for “price competitive” renewable resources.   Please see instructions in the bid document and schedules concerning this solicitation. Bid proposals are due by 4:00PM on 10/03/2014 CHST (Chamorro Standard Time / Guam Time)


You may send other inquiries on GPA's Renewable Acquisition to:

Related Links & Downloads - updated 9/09/14

10sec Output Data from GPA Renewable Site (Talofofo) - Contains CSV format of TESLA recorded data from the Talofofo Substation of the Dandan Solar Facility. Data is from Mar 25, 2016 to Nov 14, 2017.  Click Here to Download File (Excel, 55 Mb) 

Energy Storage Feasibility Study (Aug 2014) evaluates GPA system performance and energy storage system (ESS) costs. Click Here to Download File (PDF, 15.4 Mb)

GPA Cotal Site Wind Data. Since August 2011 GPA has been collecting wind data in the Cotal area.  The following are monthly summary reports and the associated validated data.  Click on the file name to download.

Summary Report
Validated Data
2011 08
2011 09
2011 10
2011 11

2011 12

2012 01
2012 02
2012 03
2012 04
2012 05
2012 06
2012 07
2012 08
2012 09
2012 10
2012 11
2012 12
2013 01
2013 02
2013 03

Cotal Wind Data Guam 201303 Validated.xls (2.48 Mb)

2013 04
2013 05
2013 06
2013 07
2013 08


GPA Meteorological (Met) Tower Wind Data.  GPA has extracted 5 years of wind data from its Met Tower located at the Cabras, Piti area.  This Met Tower is primarily used for fuel switching purposes, however wind direction and speed data is available.

Guam Wind Assessment Reports - GPA has been provided access to reports for Guam wind assessment and potential energy production for two wind turbine models.  At the request of the document owner the documents exclude owner reference however the report information has been allowed for posting.  GPA makes no guarantees or warranties regarding any wind, solar, meteorological, or other related data which may be used in the development of renewable energy resources on Guam. 

Navy Wind Study Raw Data. Raw data reports for frequency distribution and time series data from October 2008-September 2009.

2009 Solar Siting Study evaluates undeveloped properties on Guam for potential solar plant siting.  Click Here to Download File (PDF, 5.83 Mb)

GPA Wind Tower Site Assessment identifies siting for two wind towers on Guam to evaluate potential wind farm siting.  Click Here to Download File (PDF, 1.58 Mb)

Navy Wind Study provides wind data on Navy property from October 2008 thru November 2009.  Click Here to Download File (PDF, 758 Mb)

GPA's Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) Webpage provides information on the development of the IRP and access to the IRP documents

GPA Presentation on LEAC and Fuel Oil Updates (April 7, 2009)Click Here to Download File (PDF, 438 Mb)

Public Law 29-62, "An Act to Promote the Development of Renewable Energy..", establishes goals for GPA's Renewable Portfolio Standards.  Click Here to Download File (PDF, 245 Mb)

Public Law 25-175, "An Act to Approve and Amend the Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan", prohibits construction or operation of a municipal solid waste incinerator or waste-to-energy facilities.  Biomass developers should be aware of this statute and develop plans to address it in future proposals.  Click Here to Download File (PDF, 141 Mb)

Public Law 30-66, “An act to add Subsections (14) and (15) to Section 8104 of Chapter 8 of Title 12, Guam Code Annotated, and to add Subsections (n) and (o) to Section 14104 of Chapter 14 of Title 12, Guam Code Annotated, and to amend Subsection (c) of Section 14104.1 and Section 14404 of Chapter 14 of Title 12, Guam Code Annotated, relative to permitting the Guam Power Authority and the Guam Waterworks Authority to enter into Long Term Contracts.”  Click Here to Download File (PDF, 238 Mb)

GUAM CODE ANNOTATED SEARCH ENGINE, an online access to Guam Laws through the Office of the Compiler of Laws.

GPA Notice of Intention to Acquire Renewable Energy Resources, Jan 2009 (34 Mb) GPA's announcement of the its renewable resource acquisition.

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