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Integrated Resource Plan (2008)

The final draft of the Integrated Resource Plan was submitted to the Guam Public  Utilities Commission on June 12, 2008.  The plan was approved by the PUC in December 2008 with a Memorandum of Understanding for Implementation Protocol.
To download the complete document (12.8 MB, pdf) click on the following:
IRP (Complete Document).pdf - 12.8 MB
To download the document in smaller files click on the following files:
IRP Main Report (Part 1 of 4).pdf - 1.3 MB
IRP APPENDICES A thru F (Part 2 of 4).pdf - 2.9 MB
IRP APPENDICES G (Part 3 of 4).pdf - 8.0 MB
IRP APPENDICES H thru L (Part 4 of 4).pdf - 326 KB

GPA issued and Errata after submittal of the final draft to PUC in June 2008.

Errata Download (PDF, 185 KB)

PUC Approval and MOU Download (PDF, 622KB)

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